Conklin Duragraph Collection

The Stylograph collection is based upon the original and timeless Conklin models from the 1930s, but brings them into the 21st century with bright colors and unique finishes. Each pen is crafted by hand from rods of solid resin, and then buffed to a beautiful matte finish that only gets better with age. Each Stylograph features Conklin’s original 1916 patented spring loaded rocker clip. This perfectly balanced clip fits easily and holds firmly to thin or thick pocket materials with just a simple touch of one hand. All accents are finished in highly polished chrome for a luxurious look and long life. Available in a choice of Fine, Medium or Stub nib grades, the Stylograph collection offers the ideal choice for your individual handwriting style. Ink is delivered through the modern converter cartridge system in the fountain pen or standard parker style refill in the matching ball pen. The Stylograph collection continues the tradition of creating fine precision writing instruments that have made the Conklin Pen Company the legendary name for fine pens since 1898.



Fountain Pen:

Ballpoint Pen:

Trim: Chrome

Nib Grades: Fine, Medium & Stub

Filling Mechanism: Converter/Cartridge

Writing Mode: Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pen

Edition Regular Edition

Warranty: Lifetime

Finishes & US List Prices:

CK71610 - Stylograph Matte fountain pen – Polar White – US List price $85

CK71615 - Stylograph Matte ballpoint – Polar White – US List price $75

CK71620 - Stylograph Matte fountain pen – Arctic Blue – US List price $85

CK71625 - Stylograph Matte ballpoint – Arctic Blue – US List price $75

CK71630 - Stylograph Matte fountain pen – Tropical Blend – US List price $85

CK71635 - Stylograph Matte ballpoint – Tropical Blend – US List price $75

Conklin Duragraph Collection Conklin All American  Collection

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