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Conklin Timeline

2009 - History continues to be written. During mid 2009 the Yafa Pen Co. Inc. acquired the Conklin Pen Company ‘Brand’ and will reintroduce the brand with new writing instruments, fantastic new designs and superb quality.

2000 - Carefully following the original designs and utilizing artisinal craftmanship, Conklin is revived as the Conklin Pen Co.

1955 - Production of all Conklin models ceases.

1938 - Conklin is sold to a Chicago Syndicate.

1931 - The Nozac is introduced. A techonolgically advanced, streamline model with an inventive piston filling mechanism, it is followed with a “word gauge” model in 1934.

1929 - Conklin’s first streamlined pen, the Symetrik, is introduced.

1923 - The Duragraph is introduced. It is a well made and efficient lever filler, which leads to the development of the Endura in 1924.

1921 - The Crescent Filler is the top selling pen on the market. While the pen is mechanically superior to the Shaeffer Lever Filler, however, the popularity of the Shaeffer pen leads Conklin to design a lever filling pen.

1920's - Conklin begins exporting pens to Europe and South America.

1916 - Conklin develps a patented spring loaded pocket clip.

1903 - The company, expands its advertising and marketing, including an endorsement by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens).

1901 - Conklin patents the Crescent Filler for what is now the Conklin Pen Manufacturing Co. Additional patents are issued him in 1903 and 1904.

1898 - Roy Conklin founds the Self Fountain Pen Co.

1891 - Roy Conklin is granted his first fountain pen patent.