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About Conklin

Conklin Factory Building In 1898 Roy Conklin®, an innovator from Toledo, Ohio USA, founded the Conklin® Pen company, and is today regarded as one of the most significant and innovative American writing instruments manufacturers from the golden era of fountain pens.

Today's Conklin® Pen Company is striving to continue in the same spirit of bold innovation, while still providing the highest quality available in fine writing instruments.

Our new lines begin with inspiration from the classic original Conklin® designs, but bring the best of modern materials and manufacturing techniques to provide a luxurious experience when writing. Affordably priced to be enjoyed by everyone, we feel that the modern Conklin® pen truly lives up to the original founder's desire to provide the sort of reliability today's modern consumer requires, while also addressing the need for individual style that sets trend setters apart from those who merely follow.

From the almost Victorian elegance of the Conklin® Crescent filler®, to the sleek lines of the Herringbone, there is a Conklin® pen for everyone! For information on the heritage of the Conklin brand please click here


Conklin® Collections

The Conklin® Pen Co., continues the tradition of innovation and excellence by offering unique limited and regular edition writing instruments. Made of the highest quality and based on the original designs of earlier models, all Conklin® pens are manufactured by artisans dedicated to making writing instruments worth of their legendary name.

Please click on the images below to view our collections of Conklin® fine writing instruments.

Click Here to View the New Conklin Duragraph Collection

The new Duragraph™ collection brings a fresh, modern style to this timeless oversize flat top design, originally created in 1923. Crafted from quality hand made resins, the Duragraph is substantial in size, yet not so large to be unwieldy in the hand.

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Drawing inspiration from Conklin's original models and the rich heritage of the brand during the 1930s, our new All American™ collection brings a vibrant, contemporary style to a timeless oversize streamlined design.

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Click Here to View the Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler Collection   Click Here to View the Conklin Mark Twain Limited Edition

The Crescent Filler™ collection is an exact replica of the original Conklin® Crescent Filler™ dating back to the early 1900s. Offered in a choice of five finishes, from the simple conservative to the bright and cheerful, or downright flamboyant hand made resins, each Crescent Filler™ fountain pen is a high quality writing instrument.

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In celebration of Conklin's innovative design and Mark Twain's passion for the Crescent Filler® fountain pen during 1903, we are pleased to launch the Mark Twain Crescent Filler® as a limited edition demonstrator in crystal clear acrylic.

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  Click Here to View the Conklin Stylograph Mosaic Collection

Today's Conklin® Heritage™ Collection blends the original vision of the most striking of vintage models paired with today's cutting edge technology in materials and manufacturing.

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The Conklin Mark Twain Crescent collection achieves new levels of sophistication with this limited edition fountain pen that combines genuine celluloid vermeil accents. Unique Ambrosia celluloid was chosen for its classic vintage looks combined with semi-transparency that allows the user to monitor remaining ink levels. The vermeil mid-band is engraved with Mark Twain’s distinctive signature as well as the silversmith’s hallmarks and the pens unique number. Handmade in Italy, only 98 of this crescent filling classic will ever be produced. The solid 14K nib is extremely flexible and in stock now in F, M, B 0.9mm and 1.1mm Italic point sizes.

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